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At a time when our professional bodies were still grappling with the cloud, the industry was moving forward in leaps and bounds, leading the globe with its adoption of technology as true innovators in the accounting space. At one point Bill Leisegang was their guitarplayer and he later formed the band Xero. When they were about to release their first single their manager had an idea of how to sell some more copies of the single. If they put out “Lone wolf” as an extra track on a limited edition of it, and put Bruce Dickinson’s name on the cover it would be sure to attract more buyers. Bruce and Maiden had recently had a top ten hit with “Run to the hills” so his name was in the spotlight.

  • “I think this was the first photo we ever took together. We had just told Chester that we wanted him to join the band.”
  • He said, “i met mike shinonda a handful of times – he was a fun, chill guy. joe was a very good friend since the 7th grade”.
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  • He also cut off a guitar solo from the song “Oh Baby” to make it more poppy.
  • Joe played violin in school for a few years and then played guitar for a bit before he started getting serious about DJ-ing in high school.

They take so much influence from other sources that their music spans a huge variety of genres. Their first album consists of 12, each one different from the last. Southern rock, fuck, groove, classic rock, grunge, thrash metal, doom, hardcore soft rock, and prog are all drawn upon to compile a musical collection which gives a great variety yet still remains true to what is close to the band’s hearts. Dave Farrell’s older brother, Joe, started playing cello in fourth grade. Dave wanted to learn it too, but the cello was too big for a first-grader, so he started playing violin instead. He did a classical training for eight years and in the process learned a bit of cello and viola. His mother, Kathy, played piano and sang and, in the beginning of high school, she showed him the basics on a guitar.

Mark Wakefield is credited for the cover art of System Of A Down’s 2001 album Toxicity. LP Underground 15 contains a three-movement “stream of consciousness” art piece created by Mike Shinoda in 1998 while in college, called “Pods”. For four years, fans were only able to hear the xero band first rip by IDX. The LPFuse rerip in 2006 is bassy and muffled-sounding, but it was the first time fans were able to hear the full version of “Stick N Move” without the cut in the first chorus. Relative Degree played a show at The Roxy Theatre on May 17, 1996 before disbanding.

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Over a 10-month period, working with every industry body and the Tax Practitioners Board , we formed a unanimous view about how we as accountants and bookkeepers should operate in the best interests of our clients. It was no easy feat, but it proved that our professional associations could work together when needed to solve the industry issues that impact us all. Xero’s practice tools are world class and take the accumulation of years of experience from many people. Consider Xero Tax, which has mapped out the features required and changed many times. Anthony Migliardi and Matthew Prouse continue to push the boundaries of the product, and couldn’t do so without understanding and representing the views of current and potential users, like yourself to the product designers and developers. The uptake of Xero Tax speaks for itself with regard to the success of the early days of planning, listening and developing. Building online groups, launching Accelerate and then Grow Your Practice for accountants, and working with the Xero territory managers to build the skills of Xero’s frontline teams has been a satisfying way to bring proactive support to our partners.

xero band

In November 1997, the band released its first and only demo tape, Xero. As Xero’s Global Executive General Manager Ecosystem, Nick is on a mission to make Xero’s ecosystem, comprising 800+ app partners and 70,000 users of the Xero API, the best ecosystem in SaaS. In this role, he’s committed to building a network of innovation to support Xero’s small business customers and leads the team responsible for Xero’s Developer API and app marketplace. Before joining Xero, Nick was the first employee and CMO at Vend, a Xero partner, where he helped scale the business, and also led partnerships with companies including Apple, PayPal and Shopify. Nick is an independent director and Chair of the Board at Ambit, an AI driven conversation platform for enterprise businesses. Nick holds a bachelor of science degree from Auckland University of Technology, has worked for several SaaS companies, and briefly played guitar in Scotland’s second most popular folk band.

They supported The Cure again in 1981, with guest and future Xero drummer Steven Pritchard. Luckus and Willsteed were then joined by Clare McKenna on drums to become Xero and entered a period of intense song-writing in their Fortitude Valley practice rooms, and performing at various Brisbane venues. In 1982 Xero recorded a six-track extended play, Lust in the Dust, at Basement Studios, Brisbane with the line-up of Luckus, Tony Childs on bass guitar; John Willsteed on bass guitar, guitar, casio keyboards and vocals; and Steven Pritchard on drums.

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He made his first performances at piano recitals when he was 6 or 7 and later started singing at a youth theater group with his friends. He was into Dungeons & Dragons, so his first song was inspired by videogames and medieval themed movies. He wrote it on piano when he was 11 or 12 for a contest his piano teacher ran and won first place . He was obsessed with Dr. Dre and at some point he asked a keyboard so he could try to make sounds like he was making. At about 13, he ended up wanting to go in a direction (hip hop / production, jazz, blues) that his teacher, Eileen, wasn’t familiar with, so he left. In 1993, at 16, Mike started building a library of sounds and making rap demos on a cassette four-track. He bought some production equipment (a keyboard and then a sampler with the help of Styles Of Beyond’s producer Vin Skully) and started making beats and playing with MIDI and digital-based music.

In search of a new singer, the guys of Xero eventually found Chester Bennington, whose presence would mark a turning point for the fledgling group. After trying a new name, Hybrid Theory, the band eventually settled on Linkin Park as an homage to the neighborhood in Santa Monica, California. This company sells your internet traffic to other people, meaning that other people can use your IP address and can break some of the above rules, causing you to be blocked from this site. They have reformed for gigs since then, initially in 1996. Then in 2020, someone bought the 1997 cassette demo for $4,500 on Discogs.

Together with longtime friend and former colleague Rhett Molitor, he started thinking about ways to help small businesses grow – Basis 365 was their answer. Read about Michael Doan’s journey from a high school rock band to co-founding an accounting firm. Two years into the seemingly endless pandemic and Shinoda is reportedly knee-deep in a new musical experiment he’s calling the #ShinodaProduceMe series.

Whatever Happened To Mike Shinoda From Linkin Park?

Cadena founded LCM, his own artist management and development company, and worked with Xero introducing them to music venues such as Whisky A Go Go, The Troubadour and The Mint. He also helped Joe improving his skills by getting him with some of the Beat Junkies. That year Mike and Joe had a photoshoot with Howard Min, an LA-based commercial photographer and creative film-maker, at the Los Angeles River. He said, “i met mike shinonda a handful of times – he was a fun, chill guy. joe was a very good friend since the 7th grade”. Since the begining, the band knew they would need a DJ in order to perform their songs live, but the DJ would need to be someone who could handle more than just scratches.“I’ve always wanted our show to be energetic. They had similar interests and shared a love for music, especially hip hop.

In the audience, two musicians who were contemplating forming a new band called Karma saw Rob performing and recruited him to audition. He didn’t get the job, but through the bass player of Karma, Dave Garrett, he met Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda who both lived nearby in the San Fernando Valley. Mark Wakefield was fired from the band by the end of the year and joined System Of A Down’s manager David “Beno” Benveniste on the Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group.

There were two different covers for the tape with one being the baby, and the other a shopping cart. The shopping cart cover was scrapped after Joe and Mike collaborated on the actual cover. The band had so much of a lack of success and stalemate that, eventually, following a public showcase at the Whiskey A Go Go on December 10, 1998 that went horribly, Wakefield, at that time the band’s vocalist, was fired from the band, and went on in search of other projects thereafter. Farrell also left the band to tour with Tasty Snax and other bands. However, he returned to the band in October 2000, after Linkin Park’s first studio album, Hybrid Theory, was released. When he was 8 or 9 years old, Rob Bourdon and his brother used to play along to Aerosmith and Faith No More on their parents’ couch with a pair of drumsticks.

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In the film, Michael J. Fox plays a young man named Brantley Foster who poses as a Wall Street executive. The movie inspired in Michael a life-long fascination with business.

xero band

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In 1978, and with little formal musical training, John became a member of Brisbane feminist punk group Zero after a chance meeting with drummer Lindy Morrison and Brisbane visual artist Gary Warner. Thank you to my fellow accountants, many of whom I now call friends, for their continued support. Thank you to my business partner Rebecca Mihalic for coming in and taking the reigns at Aptus; its success is solely a result of your commitment to the business. It also goes without saying that I need to thank Mel Power for being my ‘credit’. One personal reason that we join any organisation is to reap the benefit of working with great people.


They played as an opening act for Hoobastank’s very first show with around 150 people in attendance. Members of both bands had been friends since long before The Pricks was formed and to prepare for the show they stole stages from their local high school in the middle of the night, set them up in Doug’s backyard and hired security, charging a dollar for admission. Brad Delson has been interested in music as far back as he can remember. He played trumpet in his elementary school orchestra, and started learning to play guitar with his guitar teacher, Keith, when he was 12 or 13, taking lessons for about 5 years before he started teaching guitar and playing with friends in local bands. In 1998, Joe worked at the Urban Network magazine where both him and Mike contributed with artwork and original Xero songs for Lee Cadena’s Rapology compilation series which promoted new and upcoming hip-hop artists.

Nick currently resides in Auckland with his wife and three children. Linkin Park issued their first statement since Bennington’s death this morning . Xero only has four songs, a few being demos of upcoming material for Linkin Park. Each song was poorly mixed, low quality or either lacks the kick enough for it to really appreciate.

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xero band

The series gives fans and followers an opportunity to send Shinoda their demos, which he produces live on Twitch and then returns back to the artist to use however they like. Despite being difficult to categorize at first due to its mix of aggressive metal, atmospheric electronic, hip hop, rap, and pop-like hooks, Linkin Park eventually found its fan base and went on to win two Grammys. In 2001, “Crawling” won best hard rock performance, and in 2005, “Numb/Encore” won best rap/sung collaboration. Xero was formed in 1996 by current Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, and Dave “Phoenix” Farrell alongside then-vocalist Mark Wakefield. Xero would go on to put out a self-released demo in 1996 with a second version out in 1997, and then ended before eventually recruiting vocalist Chester Bennington and changing their name to Hybrid Theory in 1999 . XERO are a Limerick based outfit that basically started out back in 2016 as a duo, Mike Carroll & Dave Bourke, who set about writing metal tunes to suit their own tastes.

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He was a birthday party coordinator for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. He also worked as a waiter for a while at his uncle’s French restaurant. With the help of a publishing company, the self-managed band was able to buy new instruments and equipment, get a decent recording and a better show. Jeff Blue also hired an L.A.-based vocal coach named Lis Lewis to help them improve their vocal skills. She would work privately with Mark Wakefield and help both Mike and Mark warm up backstage before their shows. When Mike Shinoda was 15, a friend’s dad chaperoned them to a Anthrax and Public Enemy show during Anthrax’ Attack Of The Killer B’s tour in 1991.

Only two known copies of the shopping cart version exist in the current Linkin Park community, owned by “JomJom” / Giorgio from Italy and “Falloon19” / Chad Dix. Joe was born in Dallas, but moved to Glendale when he was 8.Like Mike and Dave, Joe had been a classically trained musician and brought new capacities for sounds to the band. Joe played violin in school for a few years and then played guitar for a bit before he started getting serious about DJ-ing in high school. He was neighbors with Mark Wakefield in high school and the two of them were in the band together. Mike noted, “they were both in several bands before Xero. Mark and Brad were in one called The Pricks, they were this awesome rap-metal band. I loved their stuff.” Their most famous show happened in June of 1995, during the summer, at Douglas Robb’s parent’s backyard.

He developed a strong friendship with Brad when they were both in 8th grade. ” but he’s a successful music manager and a good friend of mine.” Michael Doan didn’t always have his sights set on becoming an accountant. He took drum lessons all through high school, and in college played in a rock band. His move into the world of accounting started as a backup plan to support his musical career. Now Michael is the co-founder of Basis 365 Accounting, an outsourced accounting agency based in Orange County, California.

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A dark new-wave electro rock band formed from barren Minnesota ice and snow. Combining a love for old-school metal with lethal saw-tooth waves, the band shoves a boot into the teeth of unsuspecting audiences. They forge a new style of dueling guitars, stuttering beats, screaming synths and pounding bass. This clash of styles has sent audiences reeling and critics into fits of adoring apoplexy. When JomJom showed his shopping cart version of the tape to Linkin Park in 2008, they proposed adding “Reading My Eyes” to that night’s setlist for him. While Chester said no, this was the first time that Mike decided to rap a verse of “Reading My Eyes” over “Bleed It Out” (Heineken Jammin’ Italy, 2008). Xero (pronounced “zero”) was a nu-metal/crossover band from California, USA. Formed in the winter of 1996 by Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield, they were later joined by DJ Joseph Hahn, guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave Farrell and drummer Rob Bourdon.

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